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Price lists

Dear guest,

below please find our price list for our different offers:

  1. Price list for permanent stays
  2. Price list for tourist camping (short stay)
  3. Prices for weekend commuter (per week/month)
  4. Prices for groups in tents
  5. Menu for our bistro
Anything unclear? Just call: +49 - 2378 - 2768.

Permanent stay

Caravan site per year (approx. 100 sqm)570,- €
Waste (per year, per site)55,- €
electricity (per kWh)0,40 €
dogs (per dog, per year)36,- €

Touris camping (short term stays)

Please aks for individual rates for stays of several weeks or months.
Small tent3,- €
Large tent4,- €
Caravan7,- €
Motorhome9,- €
Car2,- €
Adults (per adult)3,- €
Children (up to 12 years of age)2,- €
Dogs (per dog)1,- €
Electricity3,50 €
Shower (per coin)0,50 €

Weekend commuter

For weekend commuter we have to offers.
  1. stay in your own caravan
  2. stay in our rental caravan
In case you would like to bring your own caravan we aggree weekly or monthly prices based on the size of your caravan and the length of your stay. For stays in our rental caravans we also offer weekly and monthly rates. They are 150,- € per week or alternatively 400,- € per month. We offer discount rates when staying several months.

Groups in tents

For smaller groups we charge the prices for short stays (see above). Alternatively we offer one-off fees for bigger groups. Due to strong demand we recommend to book/reserve in andvance - especially on weekends. Please just give us a call on +49 - 2378 - 2768.

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